Courts of Justice Malta Law Courts

Malta Law Courts

The Law Courts’ mission is “to provide both the public and the judiciary effective and efficient services, structures and know-how to enable the public to understand, follow and be informed of the judicial processes in which they may be involved and to provide the judiciary with the necessary staff, tools and services in order that they may dispense justice properly and efficiently.”

The Administration of the Court Services Agency is the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer, but the legal responsibility for the implementation of judicial orders is placed on the Registrar of Courts. There is, consequently, a clear divide between administrative and legal roles.

There are three registrars namely, the Registrar, Civil Courts and Tribunals, the Registrar, Criminal Courts and Tribunals and the Registrar, Gozo Courts and Tribunals. The Registrars of the Courts are responsible for the registries and the officers attached to them, the filing and service of judicial acts, registration of sitting minutes, execution of executive titles, such as judgements, and warrants through Court appointed marshals, judicial sales by auction, trials by jury and other criminal court procedures.

The Court Services Agency cater for all civil and criminal proceedings. There are also ten Local Tribunals in Malta and Gozo which deal with depenalised offences.