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The Administrative Review Tribunal

On the 1st January 2009 (L.N. 345 of 2008) the provisions of Chapter 490 of the Laws of Malta, the Administrative Justice Act, came into force. The aim of this act is to provide for Administrative Justice in Malta. This act provides for the setting up of the Administrative Review Tribunal, its constitution, the Chairman, sections, panels of assistants, registry, procedure and appeals from decisions of the Administrative Review Tribunal. The Administrative Review Tribunal is an independent and impartial tribunal applying the principles of good administrative behaviour.​

This Tribunal is set up for the purpose of reviewing administrative acts. It consists of a Chairperson appointed for a period of four years by the President of Malta acting on advice of the Prime Minister. The Tribunal is assisted by two assistants and holds sittings in Malta and Gozo. 

Administrative acts include the issuing by the public administration i.e. the government of Malta including its Ministries and departments, local authorities and any body corporate established by law of any order, licence, permit, warrant, authorization, concession, decision or refusal to any demand of a member of the public. Any party to the proceedings before the Tribunal who feels aggrieved by a decision of the said Tribunal may appeal to the Court of Appeal sitting either in its superior or its inferior jurisdiction.​

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